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In the late 80's, Scientists at NASA Space Agency Division discovered that LED Lights could create photosynthesis, a method by which plants convert sunlight into chemical energy, driving the entire food chain. Now 30 Years later, after thousands of trials and testing, this device is now available and approved by the FDA for Medical Uses.


  • Helps Kill Viral and Bacterial germs from forming on skin, hands, and body. 
  • Blue Light has been proven to treat Depression as it mimics sun-light, mother nature's greatest cure for sadness, and depression. 
  • Increases blood flow and helps provide protein, nutrients, and oxygen for better healing. 
  • Treats Acne, Scars, skin blemishes, reduces inflammation, and helps close pores. 
  • Pain-Free, Non Invasive, and ZERO Side Effects

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Limited Special Offer

Get a free Nutrix Facial Serum (£245 Value) with purchase of Clearerist Blue Light Therapy Device. Product added to cart automatically. 

Limited Special Offer

Get a free Nutrix Facial Serum (£245 Value) with purchase of Clearerist Blue Light Therapy Device. Product added to cart automatically. 


The Clearerist Blue Light Therapy Device is a multiple purpose home care device which utilizes the same technology originally designed by NASA scientists to mimic sunlight in space, to grow plants. The science has been extended by the medical community over the last 20 years, and Blue Light Therapy is used in hospitals all around the world to treat Biliruben, Depression, Anxiety, as well as multiple skin care concerns from Acne, Aged Skin, Scars, and more.

Blue Light Therapy combined with our proprietary heating technology is able to treat most common skin concerns from the comfort of your home, in a non-invasive and without side effects. Device is designed to treat acne, reduce scars, remove skin blemishes, treat dark spots or age spots, hyperpigmentation and over-all brighten the skin. 

Blue Light Therapy helps reduce sadness, depression, and anxiety by increasing Serotonin production. Similar to a day at the beach, the Blue Light Device allows those confined to indoors for medical reasons the chance to boost to experience a safe alternative  thereby boosting Serotonin the "feel-good" brain chemical. 

Blue Light Therapy Device uses high‐intensity LED pure blue light (415 nanometers) to deeply penetrate the skin and kill off unwanted viruses and bacteria. It is designed to only kill microbes without damaging healthy tissue. Recent studies from Columbia University found that it is effective in killing airborne viruses as well.


Blue Light for Depression & Anxiety

A recent study done by the Department of Psychiatry, University of Utah Health Sciences Center, Salt Lake City, Utah found that blue light drastically improved the mood of subjects during the trial period. All participants were treated with 470 nanometers of Bluelight therapy the same amount activated in CLEARIST blue light home device. 

See Full Study

Blue Light for Depression & Anxiety

A recently published study In Scientific Report found astonishing evidence that Blue Light could potentially reduce transmission of Flu and other viral bacterias. The study sought to prove that not only could blue light kill viruses that were already planted on a surface, but trials showed that it could potentially reduce airborne transmission as well. 

See Full Study


With everything going on in the world and over 30 Million People Quarantined across Europe and North America, we want to help! We are a skin care brand, and had planned to launch this new device collection which we developed for three years early next month. But after realizing how helpful this Blue Light Therapy can be right now, we decided to push the launch up now, and cut the price to the minimum we can before losing money. We have limited quantity, but we want people to be able to have just a little something extra to help make lockdown or quarantine just a little less stressful. 

At the moment, we have multiple storage facilities across the world, and are able to ship to virtually every country reliably. We are monitoring this multiple times a day, and any order which won't be able to be delivered timely will be cancelled and fully refunded without any fees, or penalties. We will communicate with affected customers directly based on their individual orders. 

In short yes. Blue Light Therapy is not our invention, and is currently being used in medical facilities all around the world by professional doctors and therapists. Those devices are professional grade and require training. What we've done is taken the same technology and developed it into a home care device to either complement ongoing in patient treatments, or as a lighter alternative. Some studies include: 2009 Study by Wiley-Liss Inc and Study by University Medical Center Groningen, The Netherlands.

Blue Light Therapy has so many benefits it is difficult to name them all. But at the core, because Blue Light Therapy mimics mother nature's sun-light, it has been used to cure infants and new-borns from Biliruben, has been used in treatments for Cancer, and in the Skin Care industry at medical spas to treat Acne, Scars, hyperpigmentation, and other skin care concerns. It's 100% safe, effective, and our device is designed to be used for all skin types as a one size fits all.

Yes you can, and you should! We recommend applying our Nutrix Facial Serum while using the device, and then wiping the tip of the device off with a moist towel. Our device is designed to be able to be used with products, and is sealed to protect the LED technology. 

However, do not submerge the device into water, this will damage the device. Only the top part should be in contact with liquid, and only for a brief time to clean it, or while using it with product. 

The device should be kept on it's doc (included with purchase) whenever not in use. This will ensure you always have a full battery. Once fully charged, the device will stop charging and an LED light indicator will glow Green to show that it is fully charged. 

This is a safety feature which shuts off the high powered LED's so that they don't damage the eyes. 

The Clearerist Charger is Dual Voltage and can be used anywhere in the world. You may require a travel adapter to change the plug to fit your home or travel country, and those can generally be purchased easily at your destination. 

As with anything, too much of a good thing isn't always good. We suggest using the device 3 times a week at start, and for no longer than 3 minutes per area.